When you're a kid, there's nothing like reaching out to your favorite athlete or star and getting a response. When I was young, I would write the New York Giants and they would send me autographed pictures of the team. Many people send Christmas cards to the White House only to get one back. I'm thinking more people than the media would have you believe.

Governor Murphy is now requiring all candidates to have working e-mail so that you can reach out to them. You would think they wouldn't have to be told to do that. I wondered who has reached out to a celebrity and how they responded, if at all. Here's some who responded... along with my comments.

Susan Rochester Zucconi: "Well Bruce Springsteen was a regular for years at Work Out World in Tinton Falls when I was a personal trainer. And he talked to me everyday. He asked me if he could borrow the mat that I was training my client. He signed my clients things too. And I received a Kiss from Bruce Christmas time and New Years time also!! Also forgot about acting Governor Cody wrote me a letter back because I wanted to do Hands Across America again. Also some of the Giants players answered me like Howard Cross,David Diehl, Steve Weatherford."

Charlene Chamberlain: "Yes, Robert Wagner called me when I was performing as a Natalie Wood lookalike!"... Hopefullly he didn't invite you to go boating ;)

Michael Griffin: "Yes,Tina Yothers"...You may remember Tina from Family Ties.

Jeffrey Matthews: "Senator Kip Bateman, great guy and always willing to take a call and help if he can."

Mike Strobel: "Wrote to Nancy Reagan in ‘88 & Vanna White in ‘91, they both responded back...to which comedian Tom Mongelli responds. Tom Mongelli But Vanna responded with only vowels."
Eric Davis: "With a restraining order."
New Jersey 101.5 traffic reporter Bernie Wagenblast: "When I was six or seven I sent a letter to President Johnson and asked him to send a birthday card to my great-grandmother. He did."... PS: That's Lyndon Johnson, not Andrew Johnson. ;-)
Tina Marie: "Gary Carter in the 1990's."

Chrissy Biglin Harris: "My brother wrote George W Bush to come a wet down for a new rescue truck."

James Kaufman: "My brother and I wrote Batman a hand written letter and all we got was a stamped autographed picture. It was very under whelming!"... Holy letdown!

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