They’re still trying to piece this one together. A car being driven by a 64-year-old guy was traveling south on Goffle Hill Road in Hawthorne when it left the road and powered right through the wall of a home and down into its basement, authorities say. It happened about 3:20 p.m. Thursday. A 58-year-old passenger along with the driver of the Volkswagen Passat were injured and taken to a local hospital, reports

As you can see from the video the car is almost entirely inside the house. How does a thing like this happen? Was it swerving to avoid an animal then lost control? Was it age? At only 64 not very likely. Too much speculation wouldn’t be fair. This poor guy could have simply had a medical calamity that led to it.

I’m curious how you get the car out of the house without doing more structural damage to the home. It’s amazing the precarious situations drivers find themselves in. Sunday afternoon in Millstone a bizarre incident happened where a man crashed his SUV through a fence at Seasonal World and straight into one of their swimming pools according to police. Workers there helped the driver out of the car.

Then there was the driver of a pick up truck who parked outside a convenience store in Hillsdale. According to police the 51-year-old man apparently forgot to put the car in park and when he got out to go in the store the truck started rolling. He vaulted back in the truck but instead of hitting the brakes he inadvertently hit the accelerator and off he went, right through the wall of the store, authorities say. The driver’s pride was no doubt critically injured.

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