When I worked in the real estate industry full time, my friend Laura would say on Friday, "enjoy the weekend, two working days till Monday!"

As I work to build my production company, that definition still rings true. This past Father's Day weekend was no different. One of the new projects I've taken on is recording audio books, which take a lot longer than you might think!

Anyway, my wife traveled this weekend with her mom and friends and I settled in to make some headway on the book. When it came to dinner, I thought, why not hit the canned fish stock? I love canned tuna, Jodi hates it and even when I make it I wash out the empty cans before throwing them away, to avoid any lingering smell. One of my favorite diner sandwiches is a tuna melt.

Nothing like hot melty cheese over a canned fish salad, right?

Bill Spadea Photo.
Bill Spadea Photo.

Here's how I made it:

  • Two cans of tuna packed in water. Drain the tuna by squeezing the opened top against the fish. Get it as dry as you can.
  • Add a couple scoops of mayo to the tuna in a bowl.
  • Then chop up a couple piece of celery and add to the mix. I added a tablespoon of dill relish and seasoned with salt, pepper, celery salt and cayenne. Some like chopped white onions as well.
  • Then I took two pieces of bread (for me flourless), toasted the slices and then added swiss cheese to each piece and placed under the broiler to melt the cheese.
  • Shredded iceberg lettuce on one side followed by a scoop of tuna salad, sliced tomatoes on the other.
  • Close it up, cut it in half and enjoy!
Bill Spadea Photo.
Bill Spadea Photo.

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