CAMDEN — Police in Camden County have unveiled a unique vehicle that's an instant ice breaker with the community: a custom-painted Polaris Slingshot.

Lt. Zsakhiem R. James shared two videos to Facebook on Saturday, talking up the hybrid type roadster that's called an "autocycle."

The vehicle cost $17,500, which the department paid for using forfeiture funds, which are confiscated from criminal activity.

But don't expect the car to go chasing after bad guys. It will primarily be used for public events several times a week.

The three-wheeled motorcycle has a steering wheel and seating for two, similar to a car. In New Jersey, an autocycle can be operated with anyone with a state driver's license.

The latest addition to the Department's fleet is about "finding different ways to engage the public" and prompting "different kinds of conversations," James said.

The vehicle also was a highlight at a recent "touch a truck" event at the Camden Kroc.

Slingshots are sold by at least eight auto dealers in New Jersey. It is described by the company on its website as a "3-wheeled, open-air roadster that can be driven on public roads," with no roof and no doors.

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