At a time when police officers are being treated in the disgraceful way Vietnam Vets once were I ask you to watch this video and make everyone you know watch it too. This happened in Roselle Park, NJ. A call came in about a vehicle parked on West Lincoln Street. A woman reported hearing an odd noise followed by seeing smoke. By the time officers arrived the front of the car was fully engulfed. A situation like this is tremendously dangerous. Lots of combustibles in a car and should that fire get to the gas tank all bets are off. Anyone approaching a car like this is putting their life at risk.

Yet it's what officers are up for every single day. Working in the ugly shadow of the Black Lives Matter movement and every law enforcement professional being looked upon with suspicion and scorn over the actions of a very few, they heed the call 24/7. These officers raced to the car, smashed out a piece of a window to make sure no one was inside it. They were shocked to see someone was. A 42 year old man had fallen asleep and his foot was pressed down hard on the accelerator causing the engine to overwork itself into raging fire.

Police quickly got the driver's door open and the man for whatever reason fought them in leaving the car. You can see in the video the man's hand firmly grasping the wheel as the cops are pulling him to save his life, screaming at him to get out of the car.

They did their job. They got him out safely. They risked their own lives for a total stranger. Through those tinted windows and smoke filled interior they had no idea someone was even in the car let alone the color of the person's skin. Yet they did what good police officers do every single day. They risked their lives to help someone. They do it every day, thanklessly, despite the ever growing long odds against them being appreciated. They do it for not nearly enough money and increasingly threatened benefits. They do it without glory, without recognition. They do it, simply, because they are good.

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