The headline works well at several levels. First, I worked the word 'Trump' into it surely triggering some of my haters right about now. Second, I love to eat meat. Vegetables are a necessary evil. According to one study, Millennials in particular are moving away from meat and embracing vegetables as the alternative.  Of course, I dread the thought of suffering through a backyard BBQ with a black bean burger...or worse...tofu. So here's a recipe for a double meat burger that will satisfy the meat lover in you:

Bill's Brisket Burger

- First the Brisket. You can buy a relatively small package of beef brisket at the grocery store. 2-3 pounds should be enough to pick on and cover eight burgers.

- Get out your slow cooker and let your meat come to room temp.

- Put the meat in the cooker while it's off. Then drizzle olive oil on top followed by a generous amount of garlic powder, salt & cracked pepper. Then add a moderate amount of cayenne pepper plus a sprinkle of dry mustard. Put some Worcestershire sauce on the meat and a little Tabasco. Then add enough smokey flavored BBQ sauce to the meat making sure every part has some. Don't fill the cooker however as you're not boiling the meat. It's a slow roast the will result in a delicious beef that can be pulled apart with two forks.

- Set at low and let it cook for about 10 hours.

Next the burger:

- Take 20% fat ground beef and grab a portion size about the size of a baseball. Heat a cast iron skillet (a little veg oil if your skillet is not that seasoned). Drop in the meat and smash to flatten while it's sizzling. Add salt and pepper to the top. Flip when the bottom is browned. Add salt to the cooked side. Could be done on the grill but I'd smash 'em in the plate before putting on the grill surface. Melt blue cheese and sharp cheddar on top.

- Add the cooked burger to a potato roll, a little mayo, sriracha and possible ketchup ( I just go with mayo and a little mustard) on the top part of the roll. Add pickles (hot pepper rings works well too.) And either lettuce or kale for a crunch and to make sure you get some greens.

- Take as much of the brisket that will fit in one burger and top the burger/cheese side.

- Make sure you have enough for leftovers tomorrow night.


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