It’s so sad any time an animal dies. And when it happens with crowds of people watching, it’s even more difficult. 

The Cowtown Rodeo, a New Jersey institution, had a horrible incident occur when a horse slammed into a fence and then died during the rodeo in front of hundreds of horrified onlookers.

What happened next has raised the ire of the unfortunately named SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness). SHARK, another animal rights group with apparently nothing better to do says rodeo handlers “roughly tied up” the convulsing horse. Instead of placing the horse on a tractor-pulled pallet, the group says handlers carted the horse out of the rink on what appeared to be a metal rack or fence so that the audience would not see the injured animal.

I have to say that had I been in the audience that night I would’ve very much appreciated the way the rodeo employees tried to shield the crowd from what was most definitely a gruesome sight. The horse was going to die anyway, so keeping the audience from watching it play out was the most sensitive thing they could do for them.

I’m sure that people were upset and felt pressured to take care of the situation in the proper way and did what they thought was best at the time. I’m also sure they were devastated to have had this happen and were not trying to be careless or callous. The horse was dying, how cruel could their actions really have been? But as we’ve seen time and time again from the animal rights whiners, being sensitive to the needs of human beings comes second to being sensitive to the needs of animals.

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