Artie Lange looks better than he has in a long time according to the recent picture he tweeted out last week, especially his nose, which has suffered from 30-plus years of drug abuse, including snorting glass. If you're thinking he's going to get it fixed, think again.

TMZ reports Lange, who is 7-months-plus sober, "likes his pancaked nose because it's a helpful reminder of 30 years of drug abuse and all the terrible places it led him." Artie's always trying to help others and is very open about his addiction. TMZ says "he wants his story — and his nose — to be a cautionary tale for young people to not follow his path, and that fame and fortune don't make you immune to the perils of addiction."

You can easily see the difference in Lange's appearance from his recent picture to when he was at New Jersey 101.5 back in November announcing his rehab.

Since he's come home, Artie's been doing spots at some New York comedy clubs and  announced some upcoming dates including the Count Basie on January 10, 2020.

Nose or not, as Artie's rehab continues to stick and he gets his life back, he's looking better than ever!

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