It's been over 2 years of seclusion for Artie Lange as he fights his demons of addiction. Lately, he's been slowly resurfacing much to the delight of his fans.

When Norm Macdonald died, Artie put out a tweet about his good friend who he starred with, in the 1998 movie "Dirty Work," which was directed by Bob Saget. Lange would later be cast with Norm in Macdonald's sitcom "Norm," which ran from 1999-2001 on ABC.

On September 17, Artie posted a new episode of his podcast "Artie Lange's Halfway House" where he talks about his friend. You could hear the love in his voice.

"Norm was a great guy," Lange said in the podcast. "He was fearless on stage and he was a great guy to just go out with and talk about show business. It's hard to believe that the guy's gone."

As for Macdonald's tremendous talent, Artie says in his podcast, "He's an original in every way including his delivery." He could take a funny situation and make it funnier.

Artie talks about screen testing with Macdonald for the part in Dirty Work. How they spent a day getting to know each other and the colossal amount of money they lost betting on the lowest scoring game in basketball history. They bet the over.

He also remembers some of his favorite Norm jokes, like the one about gifting someone a lottery ticket which is hysterical and the time Norm cheered Artie up after a local reviewer in Lange's hometown wrote that Artie's performance in "Dirty Work" had all the, "charm of a date rapist."

Norm's reply is hysterical!

"He could be filled with these comic gems especially when you could be totally uncensored when you're just talking to him," Artie said.

As for show business, Artie remembers when Norm brought him into his office to hear his conversation with Eddie Murphy who could do perfect imitations of every celebrity story he told.

"He was a great friend," Artie said. Then told the story of how the two of them had to keep an eye on Chris Farley one time when he was hosting Saturday Night Live.

You really need to hear the podcast to hear how truly hysterical Norm was and the love that Lange has for his dear friend.

It's so great to hear from Artie as much as we wish it could be from different circumstances. As he said in his podcast, "It almost makes you want to cry, You don't get a lot of time with certain people Norm was only 61 years old, I can't remember the last time I talked to him which sucks."

Artie said that Norm reached out to him to do his podcast last year and was always complimentary toward his books.

You can hear the emotion in Artie's voice when he says "I miss you Norm and I always will." He goes on to say, "Save a table for me, Pal, I'll be up there, or down there."

Up there.

In the meantime, as Artie said, "You don't get a lot of time with certain people."

Looking forward to much more time with Artie Lange, who's taking it one day at a time.

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