Norm Macdonald passed away after a very private nine-year battle with cancer. He was 61.

They say he was best remembered for his roles on Saturday Night Live or his talk show appearances or movies but for me, every time Norm Macdonald showed up anywhere, it was memorable.

Among those remembering him from new Jersey are his friend Artie Lange who tweeted out, "I will miss you forever."

Lange, a close friend of McDonald who co-starred with him in the 1998 film "Dirty Work" and McDonald's sitcom "Norm," which ran from 1999-2001, has been out of the public eye for over a year as he battles addiction. He received condolences from a fan who reminded Artie that there's another angel watching over him.

Gilbert Gottfried may not be from Jersey but he sure does play here a lot.

I reached out to many of my Jersey comic friends to get their thoughts on the passing of Norm Macdonald as well.

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New Jersey's "Bad Boy," comedian Mike Marino:

"It’s a sad day for everyone around the world, and a very sad day for all the comedians who know and love him. May he rest in peace."

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Elected official, attorney, improv actor and stand-up comedian, Joey Novick:

"Norm was a brilliantly funny stand up comedian and comedy writer that provided sarcastically funny material for SNL Weekend Update. A unique talent who always left his audiences smarter while he made them laugh."

Speaking Millennial: A Night of Comedy

Comedian, screenwriter, actor, part of the Speaking Podcast with Bill Spadea and darling of the Lifetime Network Jay Black:

"There are comedians that get called 'comic’s comics.' It means that they’re the guys so clever and original that even other comedians will go out of their way to see them. If there’s such a thing as a comic’s comic’s comic, that’s Norm. A guy that is both so in tune with comedy and so much out on his own secret chord that even the geniuses have to nod their heads in his direction. He’ll be missed by anyone who saw him perform, but he’ll be particularly missed by anybody that truly loved comedy and enjoyed seeing it stretched into new and wild directions."

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Retired police detective, U.S Army veteran, 101.5 personality and stand-up comedian Eric Potts:

"Norm McDonald was one of my favorite comedians. His dry sharp humor left me laughing at even the silliest stuff. In my opinion, the best SNL News Anchor. I will miss seeing new comedy from him but I’m thankful we have so much of him on tape for future generations to see the genius he was. The comedy world lost a very big one today."

He left being behind the bench as a judge to become a stand-up comedian and actor, and now Vince August is The Daily Show warm up comic and he's touring with Trevor Noah.

"He was everything a comedian should be in terms of being fearless and unapologetic. He also had something every comic wants, the respect of other comedians."

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3rd place finisher of the first season of Last Comic Standing, four specials on Comedy Central and over 100 television appearances, comedian Rich Vos:

"Extremely funny, a comic with his own brilliant style. So f***ing funny. And unbelievably original."

He's an actor, magician, comedian and booker for the New Candlelight Theatre, Jason Pollock:

"Such a loss, Steve. He had a brilliant way of finding humor in the most mundane and morose topics. He put an odd spin on classic street jokes which helped define them as his own. For an example of that just YouTube 'Norm Macdonald The Moth joke.' There can never be another Norm Macdonald."

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You know him best from his time as co-host of That Metal Show, Crank Yankers, his appearances on my show playing Trevia and of course his stand-up comedy, Jim Florentine:

"Terrible news. Nobody did dry, sarcastic humor better than Norm."

Touring comedian with the Yuk Yuk's, executive producer of the Icebreakers Comedy Festival and opening for the likes of Gilbert Gottfried, comedian Jeff Paul:

"He was completely innovative as a comic, his comedy was smart, edgy and funny, had a comedic style that couldn’t be replicated, he was the most under appreciated SNL cast member, his David Letterman, Burt Reynolds amazing!"

CEO, booker and manger for comedy club Catch a Rising Star, Suzy Yengo:

"Norm made me laugh out loud. He was a genius. The Catch family mourns his loss."


Don Jamieson and Steve Trevelise (Toniann Antonelli, Townsquare Media NJ)

Former co-host of That Metal Show, a TV host and of course comedian, Don Jamieson:

"Norm was a truly unique performer & personality in the comedy world. Always kept you guessing. Is he joking? Is he not joking? He trolled people long before that term was even invented. RIP Norm, thank you & good night."

National booker for Catch A Rising Star in the Princeton Hyatt Regency, Kevin Kearney:

The audience in the United States was introduced to Norm Macdonald during the airing of the ABC Comedy Club Special, hosted by Dudley Moore, in 1988. Producer George Schlatter and his crew taped the up and coming comedians of the day at many clubs in the United Stated and Canada. It was an effort to support the upcoming film, "Punchline," starring Tom Hanks and Sally Field as up and coming comedians. Norm Macdonald was a standout comedic voice even among all those talented comedians on that special. His deadpan delivery style made him a fine choice for writing on such TV shows as "Roseanne," "The Drew Carey Show" and "NewsRadio." It was a short trip from there to becoming a cast member on "Saturday Night Live" for five years and anchoring the "Weekend Update" segment for three years.

Aside from being a frequent headliner on the strip in Las Vegas and touring extensively, he produced a successful podcast that became a successful TV show on Netflix called, "Norm Macdonald Has A Show." He was great at interviewing other comedians and stars of the day.

Norm Macdonald was a favorite among fellow comedians. He had a way of looking at things that was a bit different from everyone else. From the first time I saw him to the last, Norm was a great comedy talent and will be missed by everyone who got the chance to share in his talent. On a personal note, he was a terrible gambler. LOL"

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Steve Trevelise. Any opinions expressed are Steve's own. Steve Trevelise is on New Jersey 101.5 Monday-Thursday from 7pm-11pm. Follow him on Twitter @realstevetrev.

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