When Artie Lange announced to New Jersey 101.5 that he was entering rehab Monday night the mood was somber. I told him that Kevin Meara founder of City of Angels who's helping him actually spoke to President Trump at the National Opioid Summit in Washington. Artie immediately cheered the room up with the story of how he roasted Trump in 2004.

"It wasn't televised but someone had a closed circuit camera that I don't think he knew about, I think it was 2004, it was 12 years before he became president and we're talking about the most offensive jokes on the planet and he's slapping everyone on the back laughing."

Lange described Trump as "the farthest thing from a racist, a fun guy to hang with, I don't think he's racist at all or homophobic, I really think he's a good man. He's the kind of guy you can joke with, you know what do they call a human being?"

Artie, who was voted funniest roaster there by both New York papers then offered up some jokes he told, one about O.J. Simpson and another where he tells the future president "Recently Donald drove his daughters to Atlantic City and someday your name will be at the top of these buildings....if you marry a guy named Borgata."

Artie says Trump loved him that night then when he went on Howard kiddingly changed his tune and said you're fired" Howard then reminded Trump "You can't fire him he works for me." but Artie said Trump's a good man who will get things done.

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