He's baaaaaaaack and I couldn't be happier! Artie Lange has officially announced his comeback on Twitter with the return of Artie's Halfway House podcast.

His first guest will be Bob Saget.

The podcast which is episode 26 and runs almost an hour opens with Artie introducing his podcast crew actress and writer Ally Breen and comedian Mike Bocchetti. It's so good to hear Artie running the show and playing off his guests.

The Union comedian who may be the most beloved person in New Jersey and the country updated on Twitter that he will be doing 2 podcasts a week, One on Mondays which will be free, and one on Patreon or with a membership on his YouTube page.

People have missed Artie Lange so much that the podcast has already number 2 on Apple podcasts comedy interviews.

Lange began his rehab journey after announcing it on Nov. 5, 2018 on New Jersey 101.5. He returned to our studios almost a year later and you can hear that conversation here.

Like most of us, Lange was dealing with anxiety along with his rehab during the pandemic which forced him to cancel shows back in March 2020 as the lockdowns were just getting underway.

Lange's rehab has taken him through drug court, jail, and various rehab facilities. Then, finally, home where he's been secluded with no one but his mother, Judy.

On September 17 Lange recorded a podcast mourning the death of his friend Norm Macdonald.

Lately, it seems like there are so few things to feel good about in New Jersey. The return of Artie Lange back from seclusion and into our lives is definitely one of them. Artie's journey continues.

One day at a time.

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