Why should people who do not have children or whose children are grown or who choose to leave the kids home have to deal with loud rowdy kids who are either not supervised or who will not be tamed? Would anyone blame a restaurant for having a “watch your kids” policy? Or even a “no kids” policy. It’s up to a business to decide what is best for its bottom line and if restricting and/or prohibiting kids is what’s best, then so be it. The same should apply to any other any other business. When a New Jersey restaurant sent out this notice asking people to be mindful when they bring kids into the restaurant, it caused quite a stir.

The message read:

We request any customers dining-in with young children to keep noise at a reasonable level and to not let children run around the restaurant. It is dangerous as our staff are often walking around with hot food. Additionally it is inconsiderate to the other diners. In order to look after both our staff and customers, we reserve the right to refuse service.

Thank you.

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