Call me naive. Call me an idiot. (I'm sure you've already called me both of those already, anyway). But I DID believe in Chris Christie.

In fact, I was an early and avid supporter of his bid for governor and his subsequent governance. I thought he had the perfect background for the job, not to mention the mental and intestinal fortitude to handle the trials and tribulations of running one of the most corrupt, debt-ridden, politically volatile states in the country. So obviously, I had a lot of hope for positive change in New Jersey, most notably in the area of property tax reform.

Not too much has changed since he came into office. Some of the status quo is his fault, and some is not. But overall, I'm disappointed. And everyone knows, we're even more disappointed when we expect too much. I thought he might turn out to be our hero. I haven't thought that about a governor since I was old enough to vote in this state. So you can imagine how much more disappointing it is to then find out that what he amounted to was so much less a hero than a — well I don't want to stoop to name calling as he would — but let's just say it rhymes with "hero."

Editor's note: A recent Quinnipiac Poll shows that Christie is the most unpopular governor in New Jersey history, with only 15 percent of voters showing approval for the job he's doing as governor. 

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