An Aberdeen man is justifiably shaken over the dognapping of his two beloved dogs who were stolen from his parked car in front of a store. On October 22, Joseph’s Savoca was waiting for his girlfriend in his car while she shopped in the Cliffwood Goodwill store. When she had been gone longer than he expected, he went into the store to look for her, leaving his pups in the car for a minute.

Now before you go judging him for leaving his pets in his car, remember it was a temperate day, so Savoca figured there was no danger in doing so. 15 minutes later, he returned to the car and found that the dogs were gone. I can’t even imagine the pain that he is going through wondering whether his dogs are safe and if they will ever be returned to him. On a sidenote, not that this should matter, but Joyce and Basil, the two missing dogs are pugs and are, therefore, pretty darned ugly. Pugs are really one of the most unattractive breed of dog out there. They have that face the kind of looks like they’re injured. Therefore, loving a pug means you’re probably a really good person because you can see past their funky faces. Of course, just because pugs are weird looking, that doesn’t mean an owner should love them or miss them any less. I just felt I needed to point that out. Let’s hope for the safe return of Joyce and Basil, those ugly pugs, Very, very soon.

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