In my opinion, the Adventure Aquarium on the Camden waterfront is one of New Jersey’s best gems. It really is a world-class facility. I’ve been to the aquarium in Baltimore and to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and Adventure ranks right up there.

Now, it’s adding a new dimension: a craft beer garden. In partnership with the Flying Fish Brewing Company, the Flying Fish Beer Garden will be open from May 24th to October 2nd, 2019. In conjunction with the aquarium’s “Hippo-Sized Summer of Fun” promotion, Flying Fish has crafted a hippo-themed beer, the Watermelon Splash. If you’ve ever seen the hippos get fed, you’ll know how they got the name: the aquarium’s two Nile hippos, Button and Genny love watermelon.

Adventure Aquarium boasts that the outdoor beer garden will allow “guests and their families to stop in and enjoy a beer, outdoor games, and the best views of the Philadelphia skyline.” You can read more about the aquarium here.

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