If someone calls you claiming to be from the MVC — hang up!

“People are getting phone calls from someone claiming they’re from the Motor Vehicle Commission and telling them that their license or registration has been suspended and that they owe money to restore that license or registration,” says Sue Fulton, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission chief administrator.

She said it’s very important for people to understand that “the Motor Vehicle Commission is not going to call you on the phone. If you have a problem with your license or registration, you are going to get a mailed notice to that effect.”

She said the scammers tell people that they have to send money or provide their credit card number to have their driving privileges restored.

She’s recommending you report the scam call immediately by going online to njmvc.gov.

“We can check and ensure that your license and registration continue to be valid but also we can track these kinds of calls and let other people know so that nobody falls prey to this kind of scam," she said.

“Many of these phone calls are Spanish language so we’re particularly concerned about our Latino community.”


In addition to going online to report this kind of scam, you can also call the MVC suspension and restoration information line at 609-292-7500.

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