When Phil Murphy ran for governor he promised to legalize marijuana if elected. It turns out not only couldn't he get the votes to make it happen, so far about 60 towns have passed ordinances either banning all marijuana sales and growth or just recreational sales. Personally I think it should be legalized.

Another platform the governor ran on was making New Jersey a sanctuary state, So far 10 municipalities and two counties have said no to the state's new rules for dealing with federal immigration authorities, as some communities view the directive as a possible obstacle to deterring crime.

Last but not least, another thing New Jersey doesn't seem to want is "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" filming in their town. So far Lavallette, Wildwood, Brick, and now Mays Landing have rejected the idea.

So if you were forced to choose between these three things and had to pick one, which would you choose?

A. Legalizing marijuana in my town

B. Turning my town into a sanctuary city

C. Having Jersey Shore Family Vacation film in my town

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