When Phil Murphy ran for governor, he told us that if elected him that he would legalize recreational marijuana. I believe he wants to do it, so what's standing in the way? Our own Senior Political Director Eric Scott lists a number of reasons. Despite that, it's time to, as NIKE says, "Just Do It."

I find it amazing that after all this time and talk that there is no formal bill to vote on. If taxation is the problem, just set a tax and see how the market bears it. Then you can raise or lower it accordingly. It's called running a business and we used to see a lot of it in New Jersey, until these same people made it so difficult.

The fact that it's still not legal on the federal level amazes me. How does a President like Donald Trump not see the money that can be made from legalizing weed? He should say he hates it so that all his detractors will want it, then sign it into law. Maybe if the president had legal weed, his night time tweets would be more mellow.

The police are worried about people driving stoned. Newsflash, people are already driving stoned and those laws against it will not change. What could change is that with the money we save prosecuting marijuana, perhaps we could use it to educate people to its effects and come up with a fool proof test to use on suspected stoned drivers.

60 cities have banned the use of marijuana in their towns. Let's see how it works out for them. All that means is they can't make any money from weed. It doesn't mean you can't have it there.

The bigger question is should we have it here. The latest poll shows 62% of New Jersey wants legalized weed. As the Kinks once said, "Give the People What They Want," and let them get what they deserve.

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