UPDATE: Check out video of Gordon Ramsay meeting his 12-year-old fan!


BEACHWOOD — A 12-year-old cancer patient who adores celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is hoping that his visit to Ocean County might include a face-to-face with his self-described "number one fan."

(Photo from Facebook.)

Kallista Flores, who has a severe form of Leukemia, even has a cardboard cutout of Ramsay in her room.

Her parents already have entered her request to meet the superstar chef with the folks at Make-A-Wish.

Gordon Ramsay has been in Toms River this week, taping an episode of his latest show at a local restaurant.

(Photo from Wolf Flores)

Kallista's family has sometimes wondered during her treatments about just how brutal things can get for one little girl.

Her dad, Wolf Flores, is now trying his hardest to get the word out to Ramsay about his daughter who has endured so much, and who would love even a phone call, if possible, from her favorite celebrity.

These are her mom's words about her daughter's journey:

"Our youngest daughter, Kallista (then 11), was diagnosed on 5/4/2018 with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  She had been diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection on 4/29/18, but we took her to the hospital on that Tuesday because her fever had spiked to 105.4.  Community hospital said she was only anemic but yet had called for an ambulance to send us to RWJ Hospital."

Kallista's mom also said that "her doctors all refer to her as the 1% kid, meaning everything and anything that can go wrong does for her." The young patient has dealt with pneumonia, infections, diabetes, a blood clot and allergies to three dozen transfusions — 24 of them blood and 12 of them platelets.

As of now, Kallista has one more year of treatment.

If you would like to read more of the family's story and/or donate to Team Kallista, CLICK HERE.

(Photo from Wolf Flores)

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