Governor Christie took his "Jersey attitude" to Milwaukee where he got in a fan's face after the fan told him he sucked. Good thing it wasn't "Bat Day." Say what you will about the governor, he's a media attraction making stars out of those who get near him, latest being this guy. Having said that, what would you say to the Governor in the same situation? Here are the top ten answers I got so far:

    • "Cowboys suck!"
    • Dan says: "Move your fat ass, you're blocking my view!"
    • Ernie would ask: "Did you have to pay for TWO seats?"
  • Ian Thomas Jay: "If he walked by me, I'd miss about 2 innings."
  • Robert Lutz: "Where's your beach chair?"
  • Anita Helene: "Nothing."
  • Gary Cavico: "Did you fart?"
  • Joel Schoenberg "Hey Governor, If you're angry about the Mets game, should I avoid the GWB on the way home?"

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