The great thing about our radio station is no matter how opinionated we get we always welcome (and actually encourage) calls from people who disagree with us. In fact, on our show when our screener has a caller who passionately disagrees with us he lets us know so we can get to that call even sooner because it's the back and forth that keeps things interesting. In other words, equal time.

So since we did a 10 signs you're from South Jersey yesterday, wouldn't it be only fair that we did this? Here are 10 signs you're from North Jersey.

1) You knew where everything was in the opening credits scenes from The Sopranos. In my case, much of what you saw in the opening credits was within 10 miles of where I grew up.

2) South Jersey is another state and the Pine Barrens is only for dumping bodies.

3) Shut up about pork roll, hoagies, jimmies and water ice. It's Taylor Ham, subs, sprinkles and Italian ice.

4) You no way, no how would be okay if your daughter married a Red Sox fan.

5) You don't drink coffee in the morning; you drink caw-fee. In fact when you travel people assume you're from New York because of your accent.

6) And you never say you're going to "New York." You only say you're going to "the City."

7) If you're over 35 you went to Action Park as a kid. Not the new Action Park, but the original Action Park where so many kids got hurt the theme park bought the township of Vernon extra ambulances to deal with it. You called it Traction Park or Class Action Park and you were pissed when it closed down.

8) You take Italian food so seriously you get personally offended when someone says Olive Garden has good Italian.

9) You've been told you talk too fast.

10) QuickChek feels like home.

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