South Jersey once talked seriously about secession. That's how disregarded they feel by North Jersey. Even recently when newly elected Gov. Murphy bragged about how diverse his transition team was, some in South Jersey pointed out that race and gender was one thing, but hardly anyone on his transition team was from or knew much about South Jersey. So it still goes on to this day.

That being said, I asked some people I know from South Jersey what the differences are and they helped me come up with this list of 10 signs you know you're from South Jersey.

1) Wawa is your vacation home. You spend two weeks a year there, only you do it in chunks of five minutes every day.

2) Travel time is its own language in South Jersey. It takes "20 minutes" to get from any point in South Jersey to any other point in South Jersey, regardless of how long it really takes, it's always "20 minutes."

3) You know that people who say there are no drive-in movies left in New Jersey have no idea what they're talking about.

4) You or someone you are close to worked for a casino.

5) You have been to Storybook Land and know exactly where it is. If you went there as a kid and are now a parent, you've taken your kids there.

6) You have looked for the Atco ghost. You either saw him or lied and said you did.

7) Someone you know goes to Rowan or Stockton.

8) You refuse to call it the BB&T. You still call it the Susquehanna or maybe even the Tweeter.

9) Unlike people from up north, you understand why Lucy The Elephant in Margate is sacred.

10) Shut up about Taylor Ham, subs, sprinkles, and Italian ice. It's pork roll, hoagies, jimmies, and water ice.

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