Driving in New Jersey is so bad....how bad is it?. It's so bad that we came in 42 out of 50 states in the Wallethub website survey. We're also fifth highest in auto maintenance cost.  In this world, there is driving, them there is New Jersey driving where the bird gets flipped more than the thank you wave.

In an attempt to fix this problem and make it easier for people to drive in our great Garden State, we've come up with the 10 commandments for driving in New Jersey. Some of these may not be legal, but they are definitely New Jersey:

1. Thou Shalt Not Do the Speed Limit in the Left Lane; The left lane is for passing. You get in, pass the car in front of you then get out.

2. If Someone is Trying to Pass You in the Left Lane, Let Them; You are not the road police. If you're speeding and someone still is on your bumper, pull over and let them through. For all you know there may be an emergency, even if there isn't, move over, you can always get back in once they go by.

3. Thou Shalt Not Tailgate!; If it were up to me, cars would come equipped with a switch you could flip on the dashboard. A switch that would have a cardboard hand flip the bird pop up in the back window for people who tailgate.

4. Thou Shalt Put Headlights on When Driving in the Rain; It's even been suggested that the windshield wiper switch should automatically turn them on.

5. Thou Shalt Flash Thy Headlights to Warn of Money Grabbing Police Cars;  If they can play that way, we can warn each other.

6. Thou Shalt Not Race Up the Shoulder to Cut Back in Line Further Up the Line; I tried this once on my way to a Giants game and cut off a state trooper. 150 dollars and 4 points later I learned my lesson. Fortunately, the Giants won that day.

7. That Shalt Not Text While Driving; Seriously we know how bad it is, yet we do it.

8. Thou Shalt Not Drive Below the Speed Limit in the Middle Lane; Same for the right lane. If you can't handle the speed limit, then why are you driving in the first place?

9. Thou Shalt Know the Rules of Driving in a Traffic Circle; Since we still have them, you need to know how to maneuver in them.

10. Though shalt not cut across three lanes of traffic to get to the exit ramp. - If you missed it, go to the next.

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