It's snowing. And once again New Jersey government shows off its total incompetence.

The state transportation commissioner actually was quoted in our newscast saying that they didn't brine the roads ahead of the storm because there was enough left over on the roads from the previous winter weather earlier this week. Huh?

This state is sliding into absurdity faster every day. I think the NJDOT bureaucrats need to spend a few classroom hours in New England and learn how to deal with snow.

No, we shouldn't brine ahead of 44 degrees and rain. Yes, we should be treating roads ahead of a storm where we have DAYS of advance notice. No excuse for the conditions.

And let me be clear, there are plenty of hardworking plow and salt truck drivers who are doing their best to keep up with the storm despite the mismanagement at the top of NJDOT.

So drive slowly, appreciate the men and women who are doing their best to clear the roads, and fire Diane. She really should head back to Florida. You don't have to clear humidity off the roads, after all.

I asked listeners on Friday morning to submit photos of what the snowstorm looked like in their area and how the road conditions were. Here are your photos:

Here's Pinot in the snow. This is former New Jersey 101.5 producer Tommy Farrell's dog!

Pinot playing in the snow - submission from Tommy Farrell
Pinot playing in the snow - submission from Tommy Farrell

This is outside the studio building once the snow settled down.

Snow aftermath outside NJ 101.5
Snow aftermath outside NJ 101.5

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