CHERRY HILL — In this age of product placement and logos everywhere, it's a thought everyone planning a wedding has had: "What if we could get someone else to pay for our wedding?"

A Cherry Hill couple is trying to make it a reality by turning an off-handed hashtag gag into sponsorship packages for their wedding in June 2018.

When David Grzybowski proposed to Jodi Gilbert, his girlfriend of seven years, she put a message on her Facebook page and included #lookingforsponsors.

"What started as a joke was now turned into reality. With my prior experience in the TV production world and Jodi's experience in public relations, we put our heads together and came up with this idea of how could we potentially make our wedding the best wedding and make it interactive for our guests," Grzybowski said.

The couple is planning a wedding at an undisclosed location in Philadelphia for 150 guests.

Most every aspect of the wedding is up for sponsorship — from shoes, candles and decorations to cigars for the groomsmen, a DJ and the tables.

"We're actually looking for a an official sponsors to be the main sponsor of the whole thing," Grzybowski said.

The two are also looking for products for award show-style swag bags for their guests — though it won't be quite as upscale.

"We want our guests to leave with some cool goodies, some different treats we can hand out to our guests," Grzybowski said.

The parents and grandparents are supportive of the idea, he said. "They think its fun and cool."

Grzybowski and Gilbert are footing the bill for most of the wedding themselves and want to take advantage of some aspects they feel are sponsorable.

"We swung for the fences and we're making contacts so far," he said. So far a make-up artist and a jeweler have expressed serious interest as has sponsorship of the best man's speech, according to Grzybowski.

Only two things are off limits: the wedding dress and the groom's tuxedo.

"Jodi doesn't want logos on her wedding dress. That's probably the most sacred item," Grzybowski said. He would be open to his tuxedo having a logo after the ceremony.

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