Here's a little more detail... (Craig Allen photo)

WTF? Yup, it's a truck!

Wouldn't you LOVE to have a vehicle with "WTF" emblazoned on the sides?

If this was your vehicle, what would the "WTF" stand for?  (Keep it clean...this is a FAMILY website).

In my case, being the "radio geek" that I am...I would be looking to see if the call letters "WWTF" were available...and I'd call my station (as an easy example) "WTF 101.5." Yup, you guessed it...this truck would be my station vehicle...I can just hear it now:

"Check out the Big Red WTF Van this Saturday at noon at (insert local hot spot here)...Walk up to the side window, say 'WTF!' and win some station stuff!"

That's how I'd use my WTF about you?

WTF! Its on your back bumper...check your rear view mirror! (Craig Allen photo)

Shouldn't/doesn't everyone have a little WTF in their life, every day?

By the way, this is a FOOD truck. Very clever...."Order UP!"

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