I was hungry and I really think fish is better warm...right? So, we had a great meal on Friday, fried tilapia sandwiches with homemade tartar made with a special relish from my friends at JustFarmed.com. On Saturday, we had broccoli as a side with a delicious roast. For me, Sunday late night is all about going through the fridge and combining leftovers. So I did.

One plate, fish and broccoli. OK, I probably should've put the meal under the broiler. Still woulda warmed up and there wouldn't be a...well, terrible smell. Was it a sign that I waited till everyone was asleep before reheating? Anyway, I got up at my usual 3:30am, took the dog out, yes, she's on my crazy schedule, and I noticed a bit of a smell in the kitchen. Then I opened the microwave. It's like the microwave acted as a preserver of the smell.

The good news is that the air purifier installed by my friends at advancedsolarnj.com will work to get rid of the smell in the kitchen. The microwave is another story. During the news break, I squeezed some lemon and turned it on for 30 seconds. Any other tips? Let me know on the chat feature on our free NJ101.5 app!

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