The woman cited in a published report claiming she may sue NJ Transit after last week's train crash in Hoboken says the report isn't accurate.

A report on, as originally published, said attorney Bruce Nage had filed a notice of intent to sue — a necessary precursor to suing a public agency — on the woman's behalf, claiming she suffered several injuries and trauma.

The woman contacted New Jersey 101.5 later Monday saying Nagel was not authorized to file any such claim on her behalf, and she had not taken any action., in a revised version of story, still references the notice, but quotes Nagel saying he intends to withdraw it.

More than 100 people were hurt and one woman standing on a platform was killed when a train — traveling at a high rate of speed — crashed through a wall of the Hoboken terminal, causing severe damage to the building.

NJ Transit has released a modified schedule as repairs continue, and warns riders to significant delays and congestion.

Also, as the investigation continued into Thursday crash of an NJ Transit train at the Hoboken station that killed one and injured over 100, the Federal Railroad Administration said that the railway’s trains have been involved in more than 150 accidents that caused more than $4.8 million in damage to tracks or equipment since 2011.

As reported by New Jersey 101.5 last week, Thursday's crash wasn't the first at the Hoboken Station. More than 30 people were hospitalized in May 2011 after a PATH train barreled through the bumpers at the end of the line, partially derailing and damaging the concrete station platform.

Investigators found that crash — like a deadly Amtrak derailment in 2015 — could have been avoided if a braking system known as positive train control. Congress last year extended a 2015 deadline to install PTC on all trains until 2018. For now, no NJ Transit trains have PTC, and the agency is lagging behind other rail systems on testing and implementation. Investigators have not yet said whether PTCcould have prevented last week's crash.

A 34-year-old woman who'd moved from Brazil to New Jersey was the only fatality in last week's crash. The young mother was remembered by a coworker last year ask a "great, talented,” woman with a “big and genuine heart.”

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