I was really looking forward to doing another write up on Bill Epp's home again this Christmas. For over a decade his house at 2702 Woolley Road in Wall Township has been drawing crowds. Over the years it turned into not just 'that house in the neighborhood' that everyone loved; it was an event. A crew of people would work for months setting it all up. Thousands of lights, pyrotechnics, robotics, majestic music; a real show. It was drawing over 10,000 people over the few nights it ran. Dan Brateris, who was childhood friends with Epp's son, was one of the masterminds behind this display that drew so many people.

Which is exactly why it has gone away. It was a victim of its own success.

The traffic and the parking was posing such a problem that the township finally asked them to find a new location. They tried. They worked with the township which offered which offered some municipal properties such as the Pop Warner fields but Brateris couldn't make any of them work. Among many issues, there was no on-site storage for such a massive amount of equipment required.

It's a shame really, because they raised money for charity every year. Last year's house shows raised $18,000 in donations for RallyCap Sports, which benefits special-needs kids. They say they are not done. Dan and his brother Brian and the rest of the crew say they are trying to regroup and work something out for somewhere else by Christmas 2018.

But for this Christmas only a normal, nominal light display will adorn 2702 Woolley Road, pretty much like any other home. Epp says he's received literally hundreds of emails and phone calls from people who are bitterly disappointed. But Woolley Road will be quiet this year, not a creature will be stirring, not even a mouse.

If you'd like to see some of the spectacular shows put on in the past check out these videos to see what Wall Township will be missing.

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