In a childish, petulant and typically partisan display of his usual lack of real leadership, Gov. Phil Murphy blasted President Donald Trump for daring to come to his own golf course last week to hold a fundraiser.

Murphy claims that because the president and his staff knew that he was exposed to a staffer that had tested positive he should not have come to New Jersey. So he's asked the office of the Attorney General of the state to look into whether or not the president violated any of Murphy's executive order protocols put into effect back in May, in particular on the size of indoor crowds or how food service is handled.

So far contact tracing has not come up with one case related to the visit, but he's hoping for at least one so he can pounce. Let me ask a simple question. If Joe Biden or Barack Obama had been in the state for a fundraiser and then tested positive would Murphy be making such a big deal? Of course not.

Murphy is a strident partisan who will do anything to make sure Trump looks bad in hopes that he doesn't win re-election next month. Maybe he's hoping for a big cabinet position if Biden is elected. That would not only be good for his career, but for the lives of every citizen of the state of New Jersey, even if they're too stupid or ignorant to realize it, after voting in the worst kind of tyrant in the state's history.

Murphy had no problem with mass gatherings back in late May when he participated in the Black Lives Matter protests. He's so transparently phony and partisan. Even after his meetings with the president where he sucked up to Trump to get what he wanted and the president called him a "good guy." If you're looking for an example of Trump's bad judgment, there's EXHIBIT A right there.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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