He screwed up. And he knows it. During last weeks storm, (which our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow pretty much nailed) The governor was stuck enthralling a group of New Jersey mayors in Atlantic City. That could’ve been one of his excuses for failing so miserably at his first real test as governor: storm preparation. There was also the other fall back: the meteorologists got it wrong. Ultimately, governor Murphy did admit SOME culpability in the mess that was the November Nor’easter, but he stopped short of completely taking responsibility.

The first major gaffe in his gubernatorial duties was apparently so embarrassing to him, that he ain’t never going to let it happen again. That HAS to be why today, a perfectly clear brisk fall day, you saw that the roads all over New Jersey had been brined, steadfastly awaiting the snow that was never to be. I heard tales of the noxious powder that would be released into the air, causing respiratory problems because the brine was just sitting there, waiting to be blown about since there was no snow to hold it down. There were other doomsday scenarios intended to further humiliate the seemingly imperturbable Phil Murphy. But maybe the un-ruffleable Murphy actually WAS ruffled!

It occurred to me that it’s no skin off Phil’s nose to brine when there’s no snow just to cover his cute little behind. Or for that matter, to send out firefighters when there’s no fire or swat teams when there’s no imminent criminal threat—Just to play it safe. Because after all, even if he had to pay for it all himself just to prevent messing up, he could afford to. After all, the Murphy fortune is vast. But then again, why bother? There is no deeper well, no more bottomless a pit than the cash cow that is the taxpaying public. So don’t be surprised if you see the road crews out, plows aloft, and brining away in July. Cause you never know, the meteorologists could be wrong again!

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