Jersey residents continue to come down with the flu, but for the fourth-straight week, state Department of Health surveillance suggests flu season is winding down.

The number of new flu cases since last week is estimated to be in the hundreds, not in the thousands, the way it had been for months.

According to New Jersey state epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan, influenza activity in all parts of the Garden State is still high, which means local residents are still getting the flu.

But “we’re continuing to see a decline in the number of our influenza-like admissions and in the emergency departments on the whole," she said.

Since early October around 23,400 residents have tested positive for influenza but the actual number of people who have come down with the flu is believed to be much higher.

Last year at this time, state Health Department data showed North Jersey influenza levels had dropped to “moderate” while Central and South Jersey were still high.

She said while the current decline is certainly welcome news as influenza is very unpredictable and no one can say when flu season will really wind down.

“We do think that the peak of activity probably occurred sometime about two or three weeks ago.”

She also said no new flu deaths in children have been reported. Three children died in New Jersey this flu season.

“Even though it’s late in the season right now, we still do encourage people to get the flu vaccine because we are still seeing flu circulate in our communities," she added.

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