According to a new study (take it for what it’s worth), New Jersey ranks way down at the bottom of the US states when it comes to loving Christmas. The study was done by Century Link, and it ranks the Garden State 47th among Christmas-loving states.

The criteria were broken into two categories: internet activity and area culture. Internet activity includes the number of Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses (really!) as well as Google shopping trends for Christmas related items (things like wrapping paper, ornaments, etc.), Christmas music streaming, and Christmas tweets. The area culture includes the number of Christmas tree farms per capita and charitable giving.

They really don’t provide much information as to why New Jersey ranks so low, but the states that love Christmas even less are Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska (#50). Washington (#1), South Dakota, Utah, Missouri, and Maine round out the top five states that love Christmas the most. I guess we need to start conducting more searches and start tweeting more about the holiday.

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