It's been 13 years since Eagles fans got to host a Super Bowl party and the last one didn't go very well. After hearing Party Fair in East Windsor sold out their first shipment of Eagles party wear in a day, I decided to checkout what their next shipment. There were a few things missing and to fill in the blanks, I asked what else you would need....

  • Perhaps as an appetizer Eric (The Bills fan) Scott - Violence. Vomiting.
  • Rich Adamczyk Crisco! Lots and lots of Crisco! Do they grease poles in Minnesota?
  • Dave Bell - Police.
  • Vickie Shaw - Sad faces.
  • Shayna Ryan - Eagles Fans.... stating the obvious.
  • Brian Sexton - Some one wearing a tracking device on their ankle.
  • Matt Guerriero - Debauchery.
  • Michael Hoydis - Tom Brady Voodoo Doll.
  • Tom Madden - Strippers.
  • Daniel Hopman - Not a horse.
  • Definitely not a horse!

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