With the recent closure of all of their stores in the U.S., we can no longer be "Toys R Us kids."

Now, no one can enter. (Craig Allen photo).

Like "Geoffrey" (their mascot), we've had to...grow up.

While it is an international company, did you know that Toys R Us was headquartered in Wayne?

No more carts. No more toy...joy. (Craig Allen photo).

This got me thinking...what other New Jersey stores do you wish were still around?

I'll start:

"Two Guys"

Before Walmart and K-Mart sprung up all over New Jersey, there was Two Guys!

Founded in 1946 as "Two Guys from Harrison" (after founders Sidney and Herbert Hubschman in Harrison), "Two Guys" was a discount department store headquartered in Harrison New Jersey.

By the late 1950's, Two Guys had acquired the Vornado appliance brand, and through the 1960's, stores spread beyond New Jersey.

Eventually, there would be more than 100 stores through the northeast, and as far south as Virginia, and as far west as Illinois, and even California.

Ultimately, the Two Guys acquisitions outside of the mid-Atlantic area did not work well.

The company's fortunes began to decline in the mid-to-late 1970's...individual stores were sold off...

...and by 1981, the Two Guys retail parent company became a real estate management concern...

The Watchung Two Guys store used to be on this spot. (Craig Allen photo).

...as the land that stores were located on was worth more than the retail stores.


Many Two Guys locations were stores within stores:

They were "discount stores"...featuring hardware, major appliance, and (even) auto service departments.

And a supermarket (grocery store)!

We'd get in the family station wagon, cruise Route 22 to the Two Guys in Watchung...

My cherished 1979 Cars vinyl, bought at Two Guys! (Craig Allen photo).

...and, of course, they had a Record Department!

Like I said, it was New Jersey's version of the Walmart of today.

And to this day, I still have fond childhood memories of checking out all the cool stuff at Two Guys!

Whatever it was...it was less than a dollar. (Craig Allen photo).

Your turn!

What New Jersey store do you miss?


Please share below!