You know how I get distracted easily on the show in the morning. OK, I also can start with a topic and then take a long journey ending up at a completely unrelated place from the first topic. My show is sometimes like a game of "telephone."

On Tuesday, I started the morning talking about the near-drownings at the shore over the past couple weeks — all related to people not obeying warnings and swimming in unprotected areas. That lead to a need for more common sense and and extension of life guard hours and coverage areas. From there I went to revenue and my staunch support of beach tag fees...stay with me on this...

From beach tags and revenue I didn't take the bait from a caller who wanted to divert my attention to school funding (you know who you are Greg in Freehold). Instead I asked lifeguards to join me on air and share rescue stories. One former life guard shared his experience in North Wildwood where the guards look out for people on the beach that might pose a higher risk — yes beach-goer profiling. One of the easiest to spot? The guy wearin' jean shorts. Apparently, this is more than a fashion faux pas, it's potentially dangerous.

My guest this morning was Jay Lassiter, columnist for and former drug addict. He's become a champion in the fight against New Jersey's opioid epidemic and I wanted him to share his latest column with our listeners. Instead, we talked about jean shorts and the need for NJ men to step up their fashion game...apparently cargo shorts are also way out of style? When my daughter (fashion illustrator and student at London's University of the Arts) is back for a few weeks this summer, she's gonna join me and Jay on the air to discuss.

I may also have both join Jay Black, Jessica and I for an episode of #SpeakingMillennial. What could go wrong?

If you were following...Near drowning rescue...extended life guard coverage...revenue...beach funding...North Wildwood...swimmer profiling...jean shorts...opioids...cargo shorts...#SpeakingMillennial. Got it?

See you in the morning. Same time, same place.

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