Celebrities are the main culprit now-a-days when it comes to giving kids exotic ridiculous names. Jessica Simpson gave birth to a baby girl yesterday and named HER Maxwell Drew. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon named their newest baby Moroccan. And who can forget Alicia Silverstone's bizarrely named baby, Bear Blu?

We have listeners calling in to the show with some names they've come across. Celebrity baby names may be bad, but some of the names we're hearing over the phone are equally as bad! I hope this isn't just a "Jersey thing".

Some of the names are callers have called in with are:

  • Jim on Route 38 let us know that his best friend is naming is soon-to-be born son Master.
  • Katie in Bridgewater went to school with a boy named Understanding
  • Heather in Pine Hill works at a doctors office so she deals with plenty of kids everyday. The worst name she ever encountered was Xzy, pronounced Exzay.
  • Jenny from Middlesex County is a school teacher and she teaches a girl named Adultery.

These are just a few examples! What are some crazy baby names you've come across?