Trends with baby names change over time. What was once popular 50 years ago may be unheard of today.

For example, trends for baby names today are... well... trendy. In other words, they tend to be more unique and different than ever before.

Not all names, but enough. However, it's likely names like that might not catch on in the long run and may lose popularity faster than other, more common types of names.

Now, just because a name is losing popularity doesn't mean it's not common in New Jersey. In fact, the number one boy's name that has fallen out of style is actually one of the most common still in The Garden State.

As for the number one girl's name? That one you don't hear of much anymore... at least in New Jersey you don't.

Baby names with baby blocks and letters

Here's a look at the top 50 names from the baby-boomer era that have completely fallen out of style. As you go through the list, try to think about how many of them you still hear around The Garden State.

LOOK: Baby boomer baby names that have gone out of style

Using info from the Social Security Administration's baby name database, Stacker compiled a list of baby boomer baby names that have declined in popularity.

Gallery Credit: Elizabeth Jackson

No to baby names

Bob still has it in NJ

Although Bob is an old-fashioned name, it's kind of surprising to see it as the number two name that went out of style, and number one as a boy's name.

The name Bob is still very common throughout the Garden State, even among those on the younger side. Perhaps Bob will make a comeback in the near future?

Time will eventually tell. Lillian is an old-fashioned name that's been making a comeback so you never know.

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Toy blocks spelling out "BABY NAMES"

Names on their way out

Speaking of trends, here are some names that are still more popular than the above, but are losing popularity in general.

Baby Names Losing Popularity In 2024

Baby Names Going Extinct In 2024

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

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