All too often certain items get discontinued without us even realizing it. Think about all of your favorites that once existed that simply don't anymore.

Food is especially a big one. The absolute last thing anyone wants is for one of their favorites to suddenly disappear from shelves.

For example, can you imagine Pork Roll no longer being available? It's such a Jersey staple that can be enjoyed as both a meal or a snack.

That example, of course, is a bit extreme. But since it's such a Jersey favorite, it makes the point.

This particular snack food isn't anywhere close to the league of Pork Roll, but it was a favorite for many. A particular potato chip that you might not even realize disappeared in the first place.


Yes, a favorite wavy potato chip that you can no longer find on New Jersey shelves. It's really quite surprising how some of these items just vanish without a trace.

Here's a look at that particular snack food, along with 10 other food items that you can no longer buy here in the Garden State. Not just in New Jersey, but anywhere for that matter.

11 Foods You Can No Longer Buy

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Sold out, and not coming back

Did you even realize that Pringles discontinued its wavy variety of chips? It feels like just yesterday these were still on the shelves in stores.

In fact, those particular chips were discontinued back in June 2023, along with a handful of other favorite flavors. Crazy how products like this quietly vanish without a trace.

The same goes for all the other items on the list above, especially the Girl Scout favorite, the raspberry rally. Hopefully, those will only be on pause this year.

GSJS (Photo Credit: Erin Vogt, Townsquare Media)
GSJS (Photo Credit: Erin Vogt, Townsquare Media)

Wondering what else is gone? Here are even more food items that you can no longer get in The Great Garden State.

Food Items Gone Forever in New Jersey

Gallery Credit: Matt Ryan

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