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The upcoming holiday season has been called the most "wonderful time of the year." Heck, there's even a song about it, but for those trying to watch their weight — November and December can be anything but wonderful.

First there's November when we stuff our faces with turkey and all its fixings until we're forced to pop the button on are already too-tight jeans. Then comes December with one holiday gathering after another, and we cap the whole thing off by drinking in the new year!

So it's no wonder all this merriment results in weight gain. Despite what rumors you might have heard, most people don't gain between 7 and 10 pounds during the holiday season. Plenty of studies have proven that range to be false. But weight gain does happen, and for most of us it's between one and two pounds.

What's the big deal about one or two pounds, you might ask?

Well, chances are you'll never lose it, at least according to the National Institute of Health. And even for those that do end up losing the weight gained during the holidays, it likely took months and months. According to a study from Cornell University, weight gained during the holidays can take over five months to lose. Five months to lose one pound! Can you imagine?

And that's not all. The Cornell University study found that weight gain for most people actually starts in October, not November. Perhaps eating all those bite-size Snickers really did make a difference on the scale.

So if you're hoping to wear your favorite little black dress on New Year's Eve, check out these tips from WebMD to keep the scale from moving in the wrong direction.

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