Who plans the bachelorette party?

Who's it for anyway?

Our two stars of the monthly wedding segment, #SpeakingPodcast co-host Jessica Gibson and morning show Producer Kristen shared their stories and took some advice from callers. Jessica ended up planning her destination and told her friends when and where to be and Producer Kristen has some friends that are trying to convince her out of what she wants. One listener suggested to keep it local and do a NJ winery tour. Bonus, there are food trucks at the wineries.

The bottom line is, it's supposed to be a celebration and send off for the bride. But some look at the party as an opportunity for a girls getaway.

Is it appropriate to push the bride-to-be into spending more money than she wants in order to get your way? Shouldn't you just go along with whatever the bride wants?

Either way, Producer Kristen is deciding between a few locations. Here are the results of our social media poll:

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