My cousin Rich Trevelise needs a kidney and has been keeping it a secret for a while. It's hard for Rich to ask for anything since he's usually the one doing the giving as anyone in our family which extends to the business he owns or the motocross world he manages and announces for at Raceway Park. Now he spends eight hours every night on a machine!

Photo from Steve Trevelise
Photo from Steve Trevelise

Last Tuesday, Rich came on New Jersey 101.5 with me while I was filling in for Dennis and Judi and told his story. He was truly touched by the outpouring of love from the callers. That's what Jersey's all about! The first call we took was from someone willing to donate his kidney. Next comes the process of making sure it's a match. Donors get special treatment and pay for nothing. Your payment is the satisfaction of knowing that you saved someone's life.

Many people check off the donor box on their drivers license. Why wait until you're dead if you can help someone now? After the show Rich opened up more about his situation. This man who has done and would do anything for anyone is now in need of your help. If you’d like to get tested as a possible donor for Rich, call The St. Barnabas Living Donor Institute at 973-322 5346. On behalf of my cousin Rich, I thank you for taking the time to read this.

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