"Kinderhook" formerly "Kinderhook Creek," a southern rock band that toured clubs and colleges back in the 70's and 80's has reformed and reconnected with their old audience, as well as acquiring many new fans. They came to our studios last Thursday and performed two songs from their new self titled CD.

Many of us know the pain of the passing of a pet and "Run Boy Run" brings that home in a very touching video. "It's written about my dog Cobalt," said Andy Fediw. "A 130 pound black lab mix. He's the one in the video. A big ol' gentle giant. The song celebrates his life. He was one special hound."

"'Rumble at the Roadhouse' is about the New Jersey Pinelands," says Jerry Kopychuk. "Many years ago, we played a place smack in the middle of the 'piney's' with dirt roads and kids walking barefoot. A vivid image that stayed with me. Many years later I got lost in the pines and got the idea as a collage of all the rough roadhouses Kinderhook played."

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