In a little house in the West End section of Long Branch, Rock and Roll History was made. It was 40 years ago that Bruce Springsteen’s album Born to Run was released.

Bruce rented a small house in the West End section of Long Branch. This house would provide the first real solitude for Bruce as he had been bouncing around living with roommates, in houses, apartments and his family home in Freehold.

It was in this Long Branch house that Bruce Springsteen wrote the iconic album Born to Run. In the front room of the house on a stand up piano every song of Born to Run was created. Bruce talked about looking out the window of that house, reflecting and eventually writing every lyric while playing every note on that famous piano.

When the album was finished Bruce had all the members of The E Street Band sign that piano. As Bruce hit the road to promote the album he moved out of the famous house and left the signed piano behind.

The woman who owned the house stored the piano and eventually threw the piano out. So somewhere in a New Jersey landfill sits a piano that was part of Rock and Roll history. Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, 40 years and still going strong.

Thanks to Kathy Facciponti from Shoot Me for the video.

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