🚨Owner Rocky Granata said he left it parked when he went into a Staten Island store

🚨Photos show heavy damage to the right side and front

Make the RV great again.

That's the message from Rocky Granata, of Toms River, after the RV known as the "Trump Trailer" was found heavily damaged early Sunday afternoon next to a utility pole near Hylan Boulevard and Reid Avenue on Staten Island.

Photos of the RV show the right side of the RV with heavy damage including a shattered windshield.

The NYPD told New Jersey 101.5 that the operator said he had parked the vehicle and got out. When he returned, he saw it had hit a utility pole. A passenger inside was not injured. The identities of the operator and passenger were not disclosed.

Granata said on Facebook that he and his wife Donna Eiden and their cat are OK.

"I was shopping and when I came to go to the RV, it was gone, it somehow rolled down the street and crossed the street and crashed [...] thank God everyone is okay," Granata wrote.

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Granata: MAGA hat saved my life during assault

Granata was assaulted in April with a hammer at a Middletown tire store by Michael Gonzales, 36, of Philadelphia, according to Middletown police. Granata told New Jersey 101.5 that Gonzales is Eiden's son. He credited his MAGA hat for saving his life.

Granata credits his Make America Great Again baseball cap for saving his life.

"I that if I didn't have this hat on my head I'm sure that sledgehammer would have gone right through my head," Granata told New Jersey 101.5

The RV was also involved in a fatal crash in Toms River in 2019 when he broke down on Route 37.  A car rear-ended the RV pushing it forward onto Anne M. Lovallo, 56, of Keyport who had been assisting Granata, according to Toms River police at the time.

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Rocky Granata's RV
Rocky Granata's RV (Rocky Granata)

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