Awww ... the in-laws. They can be part of the most challenging relationships out there, and if you don't get along with them it can spell big trouble for your marriage.

For some people, the trouble starts when the kids arrive. You don't want little Johnny to have sugar after 7 p.m., but your mother-in-law has no problem loading him up on cakes, cookies, and ice cream before sending him back to you for bedtime. For others, the relationship has been rocky from the start — perhaps thanks to a mother that can't cut the apron strings, or to a demanding wife that simply just doesn't like her husband's parents.

Regardless of your relationship status with your in-laws, they are family — so like it or not, you have to find a way to get along with them. From being open with your boundaries (your in-laws may not be as fragile as you think) to not putting your spouse in the middle, we've got your questions answered in this podcast episode.

And for those of you really struggling with your relationship, FamilyEducation has a list of 10 tips that might help calm the waters.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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