Once upon a time, not that long ago, there were Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Now the girls want to be Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scouts recognize this and have come up with a way to make that happen.  Starting next year, girls can be Cub Scouts and eventually Eagle Scouts. It will mark the first time boys and girls tied a knot that would not involve marriage. It's also not going over well with the Girl Scouts. Some say it's being done by the Boy Scouts to increase revenue. The Boy Scouts claim they're doing it to bring families together. Why not just bring the Scouts together?

It seems we live in a time that's all about gender equality. I see more and more women crossing over into fields that were once men only. I have no problem with that. I believe everyone should be able to fulfill whatever dream they have as long as it's legal and doesn't hurt anyone. But gender is a big deal now and in some cases a big problem. The way to eliminate the problem is to just remove gender from the scouts.

Instead of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, have them merge and just call them "Scouts." They can set off different divisions that do different activities and when kids join, they can pick the activities they want to be in. Of course they would be separated on overnight field trips.

Since both scout groups are experiencing sharp drops in membership, this could also be a cost cutting move as well. Think of all the extra cookie money that can be brought in!

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