This Tuesday morning, November 29th, at 10 AM, trash bags will come off the traffic lights and with a flip of a switch, another traffic circle in New Jersey will be no more.  

The circle is called "The NAFEC Circle" after the National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center" in Egg Harbor Township near Atlantic City, which was renamed "FAATC" Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center over 25 years ago.   The NAFEC circle, at the junction of Delilah Road, Tilton Road and Amelia Earhart Boulevard leading to the Atlantic City Airport is one of a the few remaining circles in New Jersey. This will actually be half-a-circle, Delilah Road will go straight across the middle, but some traffic will still go around.

Traffic experts say people don't know how to drive around circles.

It's not that hard - find an opening and step on the gas!

Even though this sign will come down, you'll see this on your GPS forever!