Here are the top New Jersey news stories for Tuesday

Why are NJ traffic lights so long?
Everything you always wanted to know about traffic lights in New Jersey
Massive recall of most popular cars in NJ - Do Not Drive
Honda warns of potentially deadly airbag malfunction in popular older model vehicles
NJ police officer charged after wild 3 a.m. chase, shooting
As a noise complaint was investigated, shots rang out, a man ran by, a chase ensued, shots were fired and now the officer faces aggravated assault charges
⬛ More mild weather ahead for NJ: 40s, 50s, and even 60s this week
The above-normal temperatures will meet with some clouds and a few batches of rain showers, with little to no chance of wintry weather or snow on the horizon.

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What's your boss's number? NJ bill adds rules for telemarketers
You may be unaware that telemarketers are already required to share certain pieces of information with New Jersey residents within the first 30 seconds of the unwanted call.
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